Waimate Toy Library

Conditions of Membership


The Boring but Necessary Part

The Rules and Conditions of Hire 


Borrowing Toys 

  • You may borrow toys for two-weeks (books can be borrowed for up to 10 weeks).  Both can be reissued if there are no holds/bookings or may be returned early, but the rental fee remains the same.  Some toys are very popular and are rarely just sitting in the library, bookings are welcome and can be made with the Librarians. 
  • Before leaving the Toy Library please check each toy has all its pieces and their condition. Before returning the toy, check the number of pieces again.  You have 24 hours from the time you hire a toy to let us know if parts are missing, either by phone/txt/email/Facebook message.  For your protection and ours, toys will be checked and counted by the librarian on return. 
  • All toys remain the property of the Waimate Toy Library.  Borrowed toys are the responsibility of the borrower.  



  • Rental fees vary based on the toy value (age/wear/purchase cost) from .50c - $4 per toy/resource.  Fees are to be paid at time of hire (consider keeping your account in credit). 
  • The toys are not insured while on loan, therefore you are responsible for them.  Please take care of the toy library toys so that other children can enjoy them.   


At Home 

  • Make sure your children know how to use the toy safely. Please choose appropriate toys.   
  • Never leave toy library toys outside (unless they are designed as ‘outdoor’ toys) 
  • Never lend toy library toys to friends (even if they are members) 
  • Toys must be returned clean.  Please return them in the condition you would like to receive them.   



Overdue Toys - After a 1-week grace period, overdue toys will incur a fine of $1.00 per toy/resource per week. 

Dirty Toys - $2 will be charged if toys are brought back dirty (or use our wash-up facilities to clean them). 

Loss/Damage - Toys break even in normal play. Don’t be embarrassed if this happens to you. Please notify us of missing or broken parts when you return the toys. 

  •  Broken Parts: A replacement charge or $2.00 may be charged per broken part. 
  •  Lost Parts: A replacement charge of $2.00 per piece or bag may be levied for lost pieces. This will be refunded as a credit on return of the missing piece(s) provided it/they are returned within 1 month. 
  •  Extensive damage: The committee will discuss extensive damage. This may result in your being asked to contribute to the cost of repair or replacement. 


You are responsible for checking the condition and description of the toys (and all parts). Please inform the librarian of any discrepancies so the librarian can update the toy record.  A great deal of time and effort from the Committee is put into the repair and maintenance of the toys. Your care helps to maintain their condition. 


Tips for Cleaning Toys 


Clean toys are important – they are nicer to play with and help stop the spread of colds flu and other bugs. 


Important things to note: 

  • Ensure toys are dry prior to returning them.  Wet toys in a container turn into smelly slimy toys – yuck. 
  • Baby wipes can damage some toys, please be careful if you are using these.  They can take pictures, stickers and colour off toys. 
  • If your child has been sick, please be extra careful about giving toys a good clean. 
  • Sunlight helps kill bugs!  After cleaning the toys dry them with a towel and place them in the sun for some extra bug-killing power. 
  • If you notice the toy number is hard to see and have a permant marker handy please renumber for us. 

How to clean toys: 

Costumes and Puppets 

Gentle hand wash or spot clean  

Battery Operated Toys 

DO NOT put battery operated toys into water.  Wipe with a damp cloth. 


Plastic Toys (not battery operated) 

All Duplo can be washed/rinsed/dried easily.  A zipped net bag or colander dipped into washing water and then rinsed is quick and easy. 

Many toys can be easily cleaned in the top drawer of the dishwasher or with the dishes in the sink.  Remember to dry thoroughly 


Baby / Toddler toys 

Please clean and disinfect baby toys by adding a good sized amount of white distilled vinegar to warm, soapy water.  Rinse with clear water and dry.  Toys are always in the mouths of babies and toddlers, so they need to be cleaned well. 



Ride on and outdoor toys 

Please ensure outdoor toys have no sand or water.  If they have had big dirty adventures give them a good wash.  It helps keep the mud and mess out of your car as well. 


Wooden Toys 

Wooden toys don’t like to spend too much time in water.  Please wipe and dry them well.  Avoid using spray and wipe products as they can damage the finish on the wood. 


Puzzles & Games 

Wipe pieces with a damp cloth if needed.